Terms, Conditions, and Policies

Hey there, before we embark on this WONDERFUL journey together. It’s important to discuss the business and other important things in order to set proper expectations. This portion will be in my voice and understanding so that you can get a FULL sense of what we mean without the jargon.


WE DON’T LIKE TO BE ABANDONED Nobody REALLY does right? The same goes for us and our creative process. When we start your project we ensure we give you and your ‘biz the attention needed to get to the finish line. However, we can’t give you our all if we aren’t doing our due diligence and staying on a strict schedule so all of our clients are satisfied.

With that, by signing this paperwork you are agreeing to have the required content submitted to CX Branding agency via email no later than (3) days after booking and final payment fulfilled no later than (3) weeks after booking, or whenever project is completed, whichever comes first. **Unless booked via Your Design Resource where full or partial payment is due online via full balance or with customer’s agreed upon terms with Sezzle. Failure to abide by these terms will result in your project being postponed and an additional fee for us to resume your project ($75-150)

COPY AND CONTENT While we are well-versed in providing copy for our business page, we ARE NOT professional copywriters and cannot assist with providing verbiage for your site/service. We REQUIRE having the content ready at the time of booking and even hiring a copywriter prior to reaching out to ensure you’re prepared for your design service.

LET’S TALK IMAGES If you’re booking for a web design service, High resolution images are REQUIRED. This will lead to the best result for you and give us the ability to present our best work to you!

CLIENT INSPIRATION When you book any design service with us PLEASE email ANY inspirational pieces or references that will help us with fully understanding your vision for the project. We DON'T duplicate any other designers work and these examples are just visual representations or your preferred style, we’ll make suggestions and give feedback during your consultation.

REFUND POLICY We understand life happens, so, if at any time during your project timeline you have to postpone services we will refund 50% of the project price to you OR an amount based on work put into the project thus far.

WORKING WITH OUR VENDORS We have the pleasure of working with some amazing vendors for printing both locally to Metro Detroit and Nationally to fulfill your business needs. In order to maintain such a positive relationship with them and to provide you with the best experience overall we REQUIRE you to triple check the content submitted for printing, research dimensions required for your product MEASURE if you have to, and triple check both of these things before we send them to print. If you have bottles/jars/etc from manufacturers on hand, ask for recommended label sizes OR provide measured dimensions TO THE NEAREST HALF INCH to us via email.